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good for 10 servings
Foil Tray Size indicated

(Please read info about QTY, Ordering and other FAQ's at the bottom)


P800.00 (PAN SIZE 8x8")

Roast Beef with Cream of Mushroom




Stroganoff  (12x10)


P1200.00 (PAN SIZE 12x10")

Lengua with Cream of Mushroom

Estofado Lengua 

Kare-Kareng Baka (Oxtail 40%, Brisket 40% & Tripe 20%)


P700.00  Whole Chicken Galantina (12x10")         

P550.00  Whole Honey Roasted Chicken (8x8")           

P550.00  Whole101 Garlic Oven Baked Chicken (8x8")

P550.00  WholeHerbed Chicken Infused w/RTM (8x8")

P550.00  WholeChinese Style Roasted Chicken (8x8")


P600.00  Whole  Order

Buffalo Chicken w/ Ranch Dressing (12x10" )      

Chicken Cordon Blue w/ Bechamel Sauce (8x8")

Pastel de Polo(w/ Pie Crust) (12x10")

Lemon Chicken Breast Fillet  (12x10" )

Orange Chicken Breast Fillet (12x10" )


P750.00 (PAN SIZE 8x8")

Texan Style Barbeque

Pork Roulade in English Gravy

Oven Roast Pork w/ Caramelized Apples

Lumpiang Shanghai 

Lechon Kawali

Pork Teriyaki

P750.00 (PAN SIZE 12x10")

Sweet and Sour Pork

P850 (8x8)

Pork Hamonado Roll (Stuffed w/ Ham, Cheese and Hotdog)


Cured&Smoked  SacB Deli Ham 100% Quality Meat

Whole Ham Glazed (900g up)  or  Sliced&Vacuum Sealed

Choice of Flavors: Hamonado, Chinese Style,  American-Herbed



P550.00  (PAN SIZE 12x10")

Fish Fillet w/ Tartar Sauce   

Pan Grilled Crusted Dory w/ Mango&Basil Sauce

Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet

P600.00  (PAN SIZE 12x10") 

Baked Fish in Beurr Blanc Sauce 

♥Prawns and Seafoods (FRESH)

Prawn Thermidor  500grams 10-11pcs P750 12x10"

Shrimp Tempura 1kilo P1,200.00 12x10"

Baked Salmon Slab with Cream Cheese Crust 1kilo P2,000 (12x10)

Baked Salmon Slab in Beurr Blanc Sauce w/ Cheese 1kilo P1,900 (12x10)


*Blue Marlin or Tuna  1kilo P 1,400.00 12x10"

*Salmon  1kilo P1,800.00 12x10"

(For Blue Marlin/Tuna/Salmon)

-Choose your cooking: Baked/ Buttered/ Steamed/Crusted/ Fried 

-Choose your sauces:

Lemon Butter

Garlic Butter


Tartar Sauce

Mango and Basil Salsa

Sweet and Sour

♥Price adjustment for Prawns, Tuna, Salmon & B. Marlin for orders that will

fall on Eve and during Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year

~Vegetable Dishes~


 Buttered Mixed Vegetables (12x10")

 Mixed Vegetables with Oyster Sauce (12x10")

 Baked Baby Potatoes & French Beans topped w/ Cheese&Bacon  (12x10")   

 Whole Lumpiang Ubod (12pcs) with Peanut Sauce (12x10") 



Eggplant Parmigiana ( whole 8x8")

Croquettes w/ Chicken (whole 12x10")

Baked Potatoes w/ Butter and Sour Cream(whole 12x10")

~Pasta Dishes~

P600 PAN SIZE: (12x10")

Baked Ziti



Pesto-Spaghetti noodles

Pancit Canton 

Pancit Bihon 


P650 PAN SIZE: (12x10")

Beefy Lasagna

Fresh Tuna Aglio Olio w/ Black Olives 


Our Bestselling Paella

Meat Paella  P1,400 (12x10) (good for 10)

(Ham, Chorizo, Sausage, Chicken)

Seafood and Meat Paella  P1,600 (12x10) (good for 10)

(Prawns, Crab, Squid, Scallops, Tuna, Ham, Chorizo, Sausage, Chicken)

Seafood Paella  P1,700 (12x10) (good for 10)

(Prawns, Crab, Squid, Scallops, Tuna)


P550.00 Good for 10 (placed in 2- 1000ML microwaveable container)

Buko Pandan Salad

Almond Lychee

Cathedral Windows (Assorted Jellos in Cream and Condensed Milk)

Tropical Fruit Salad 

Fruit Salad

Buco Lychee

Crema de Fruita

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When can we place an order?

-you can place it  2days in Advance with 50% downpayment upon acceptance.

What is the QTY per order?

-1 kilo raw weight for meats,

Whole Chicken 1.5k dressed weight 

Pasta/Vegetable 1kilo cooked weight with the sauce

Good for how many people is an order?

-Order is good for 8-10 servings.

How to make a Payment?

- there should be 50% Downpayment upon confirmation.

Full payment is upon pick-up.  For delivery payment should be deposited an hour before the scheduled delivery.

Do you issue an Official Receipt?

Yes, there will be an additional 12%Vat on the total price.

What is  your bank account details?

BPI: SA 9869028433 

Sophia Agatha Claravall-Bungay 

BDO: SA 004060172505 Noelnito D. Bungay Jr.

GCASH: 09176556618 Noel Bungay

Send picture of deposit slip with your name&mobile at


Pick-up area: Primark Valley Golf/ Xentro Mall Sumulong please be on time, so the next delivery will not be affected.

For Delivery:

Please provide your address, then we will get back to you if ever there is an added cost for delivery.

Delivery couriers c/o client's account.

Friendly Reminders:

Our food came from our kitchen in Valley Golf, Antipolo.

We guarantee that your orders are freshly cooked, but due to delivery and handling,  we advise you to re-heat your food before consumption:

10-15minutes in the Oven/Oven Toaster or 2-3minutes in the microwave. (Please transfer your food in a microwave/oven safe plates/container)

Refrigerate your desserts, best served when chilled

If you plan to eat it after 3 hours please refrigerate the food, then re-heat it before consuming.

Thank you ♥