Ala-Carte Menu
Price and Foil Tray Sizes

P450half / P800.00 

Roast Beef with Cream of Mushroom (half 8x5" whole 8x8")

Caldereta (half 8x5" whole 8x8")

Mechado (half 8x5" whole 8x8")

Stroganoff (half 8x5" whole 8x8")

Morcon (half 8x5" whole 8x8")

~Special Cuts~

P650half (8x5" )/P1200.00 Whole (8x8")

Pastel de Lengua (half 8x5" whole 8x8")

Estofado Lengua (half 8x5" whole 8x8")

Kare-Kareng Baka-(half 8x8", whole 12x11") 

Oxtail 40%, Brisket 40% & Tripe 20%


P700.00 Whole Chicken Galantina (12x11")         

P505.00 Whole Honey Roasted Chicken (8x8")           

P505.00 Whole101 Garlic Oven Baked Chicken (8x8")

P505.00 WholeHerbed Chicken Infused w/RTM (8x8")

P505.00 WholeChinese Style Fried Chicken (8x8")


P300.00 half/ P560.00  Whole

Buffalo Chicken w/ Ranch Dressing (half 8x8"whole 12x11" )      

Chicken Cordon Blue w/ Bechamel Sauce (half 8x5"whole 8x8")

Pastel de Polo(w/ Pie Crust) (half 8x5" whole 8x8")


P380.00 half / P700.00 whole 

Texan Style Barbeque (half 8x5" whole 8x8")                                         

Pork Roulade in English Gravy (half 8x5" whole 8x8")

Oven Roast Pork w/ Caramelized Apples  (half 8x5" whole 8x8")

Sweet and Sour Pork (half 8x8"  whole 12x11" )      


P300.00 half /  P550.00  Whole

Fish Fillet w/ Tartar Sauce (half 8x8"  whole 12x11" )          

Pan Grilled Crusted Dory w/ Mango&Basil Sauce (half 8x8" whole 12x11" )   

Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet (half 8x8" whole 12x11" )   

Baked Fish in Beurr Blanc Sauce (half 8x5" whole 8x8")

♥Prawns and Seafoods (FRESH)

Prawn Thermidor (500grams  12x11" )   

500grams 10-11pcs P750  * 1kilo 21-22pcs P1400

Blue Marlin or Tuna

P700 -500g  *  P1350.00 -1kilo (500g 8x5" 1kilo 8x8")


 P950 500g  *  P1700.00 1kilo (500g 8x5" 1kilo 8x8")

Choose your cooking: Baked/Steamed/Crusted (bigger pan size if crusted)

Choose your sauces:

BBQ Sauce, Garlic Butter, Pesto&Cheese, Tartar Sauce, Mango and Basil Sauce,

Sweet and Sour, Baked Fish in Beurr Blanc Sauce topped w/ Cheese

♥Price adjustment for Prawns, Tuna, Salmon & B. Marlin for orders that will

fall on Eve and during Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year

~Vegetable Dishes~

P500.00 Whole Buttered Mixed Vegetables (12x11")   

P550.00 Whole Lumpiang Ubod (12pcs) with Peanut Sauce (12x11")   

P250 half / P450.00 Whole  

Eggplant Parmigiana (half 8x5" whole 8x8")

Croquettes w/ Chicken (half 8x5" whole 8x8")

Baked Potatoes w/ Butter and Sour Cream(half 8x5" whole 8x8")

~Pasta Dishes~

P300 half/P580 whole

Baked Ziti (half 8x8" whole 12x11" )

Carbonara-Linguine (half 8x8" whole 12x11" )

Romana-Fusili (half 8x8"whole 12x11" )

Pesto-Spaghetti noodles (half 8x8" whole 12x11" )

Pancit Canton (half 8x8" whole 12x11")

Pancit Bihon (half 8x8" whole 12x11" )

Palabok(half 8x8" whole 12x11" )


Beefy Lasagna (half 8x8" whole 12x11" )

Fresh Tuna Aglio Olio w/ Black Olives (half 8x8"whole 12x11" )

Seafood Paella  P1800 (12x11)(good for 10)

Desserts  P550.00 Good for 10 (placed in a microwaveable container)

Buko Pandan Salad

Almond Lychee

Cathedral Windows (Assorted Jellos in Cream and Condensed Milk)

Tropical Fruit Salad 

Fruit Salad

Buco Lychee

Crema de Fruita

Pre-Order Form

Pre-Order Guidelines:

-Half Order good for 5 pax

-Whole Order good for 10pax


50% Downpayment upon confirmation.

Full payment before pick-up/delivery 

For both our safety and convenience payments can be deposited to:

BPI: SA 9869-02-84-33  Sophia Agatha Claravall-Bungay  BDO: SA 0040-6017-2505 Noelnito D. Bungay Jr.

Send picture of deposit slip with your name&mobile at

Full payment upon pick-up or delivery. ​


Pick-up area:

Primark Valley Golf/ Xentro Mall Sumulong

For Delivery:

Please provide your address, then we will get back to you if ever there is an added cost for delivery.

Delivery couriers c/o client

Free delivery in certain areas with a minimum of P3000 worth of orders.

Friendly Reminders:

Our food came from our kitchen in Valley Golf, Antipolo.

We guarantee that your orders are freshly cooked, but due to delivery and handling,

We advise you to re-heat your food before consumption:

10-15minutes in the Oven/Oven Toaster or 2-3minutes in the microwave. (Please transfer your food in a microwave/oven safe plates/container)

Refrigerate your desserts, best served when chilled

If you plan to eat it after 3 hours please refrigerate the food, then re-heat it before consuming.

Thank you ♥