Oh, what kind of joy does a sumptuous meal brings...


Our humble beginnings led us to where we are now ♥

   It all started when Sophie cooks in a small kitchen in Taytay... 

 Our cuisine boasts of different styles fitted for a formal event that is wholeheartedly prepared and having in mind to impress the palate...yet the touch of homecooking is present in every dish that we prepare that gives you the feeling of comfort and sustenance till the last bite.

  Only the freshest ingredients and quality herbs and spices deserve to be in our pots.  We play with the flavors until they burst in harmony.

 Our food is creatively presented to delight the sight, pleasant to the smell and satisfyingly flavorful.


 We take pride that our dishes does not need msg and flavor enhancers, which makes our dishes deliciously distinctive from the rest!


It only takes one bite to discover us ♥

Our food created such followers...

That is why from the period of ten years Sac B is present and still continues to cordially serve...