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Who We Are…


Sac B. Delicatessen Corporation is a Catering Service and Events Management Company who have hosted numerous successful events.  Over the years, our team have promised, delivered and made every effort to provide the best catering service and events management experience to its clientele.

Our Company is located along Manila East Rd. Taytay, Rizal and it is managed by Ms. Sophia Agatha Claravall-Bungay, it is from her initials where Sac B got its name. 

With our roster of reliable suppliers, our Clients can expect impressive and elegant settings, sumptuous cuisine, cordial professional wait-staff and packages that are designed to be reasonable, worry-free and affordable.

Our Mission: Sac B’s goal is to provide beautiful and tasteful events for every Filipino. No matter the social standing they may have, we are consistent with the quality of our food, settings, service and over-all event planning and execution. It is also our mission to give our clients and their guests an experience they will cherish and to impart good will with the unwavering support and dedication that we have for the success of their event. Furthermore it is also our mission that our suppliers will benefit from a partnership with us.


Our Vision: We aim to be at par with the best Food Service Provider and Events Management Companies in the Country. Our goal is to keep abreast with the trends, to become innovative and level with the best in the field of Catering and Events industry. We aspire to be recognized by our clients that our brand name is synonymous to quality, reliability and honest service.

Our Story

Tried and tested with more than 2,000 events                                handled since 2010
 Your best decision is hiring us... 

Biggest Event Handled: 6,800 pax

Largest Quantity of Meals Served: 10,000 meals

Maximum event in a day: 6

          Never late, no spoilage, no shortage