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Biggest Event Handled: 6,800 pax
Largest Quantity of Meals Served: 10,000 meals
Maximum event in a day: 6

          Never late, no spoilage, no shortage 

Sac B. Catering Service

Is a Rizal based Catering Company established in 2010.


Sac B. Catering Service is an off-premise caterer with a diverse client base, that specializes in corporate, weddings, and milestone events at a variety of select venues in and around Rizal and is able to handle events that are above a thousand to intimate.


An owner-managed company and cultivated with more than a decade of experience, Sac B. Catering Service takes pride in their reputation of honesty, capability and, quality in our cuisine, service, and set-ups.

Sac B. Catering Service  believes that every celebration should be cherished thru the coming years, reminiscing the food, beautiful design and, hospitality.  It  works with the best vendors, with the same passion for giving a truly sophisticated and delightful event experience.

Mission:  To provide beautiful and tasteful events that is consistent with the quality of our food, settings, service and over-all event planning and execution.

Vision:  To be recognized that our brand is an excellent choice of Catering Service in and out of Rizal.

Our foundation is Integrity in all aspects that is expected in running a Catering Service Company.  Sac B. Catering Service is committed and always dedicated to their clients in delivering the best Catering Service and Events Management Experience.


The Company have established a long and fruitful relationships with their suppliers, tie-up partners and employees who they consider as family.

Sac B Catering Service is a member and officer of Rizal Events Suppliers Association and President of

The Wedding Circle Phil Organization where in its goal is to uplift the businesses of wedding/event suppliers who were greatly affected with the pandemic in their community (Rizal).

A recipient of 2022's World Class Philippine's Most Outstanding Catering Services.


Our humble beginnings led us to where we are now ♥

   It all started when the owner Sophie cooks in a small kitchen to serve student meals in Taytay...  

Our cuisine boasts of different styles fitted for a formal event that is wholeheartedly prepared and having in mind to impress the palate...yet modern, the touch of heir-loom recipes are present in every dish that we prepare that gives you the feeling of comfort and sustenance till the last bite. ​
We take pride that our dishes do not need artificial enhancers, which makes it deliciously distinctive from the rest!

Only the freshest ingredients and quality herbs and spices deserve to be in our pots to your plates! 

 Our food is creatively presented to delight the sight, pleasant to the smell and satisfyingly flavorful.

It only takes one bite to discover us ♥ Our food created such followers...


The 2020 Global Pandemic

Looking back when live events and mass gatherings were prohibited, Sac B Catering Services is the first Catering Service provider in Rizal who have adapted with the "New Normal" and modified their packages to "Intimate Events" that is affordable and reasonable.  

The company have given full refunds  or have adjusted with their Client's needs.   At present, Sac B Catering Service still serves clients who have been affected by the "No Mass Gathering" and have successfully executed their events.

With the trust and continued patronage Sac B Catering Service  have survived the pandemic and have no liabilities to their suppliers and employees. 

The experience given by the pandemic, Sac B Catering Service is now a company that is made stronger, wiser and ready to face and embrace uncertainties... 

An Introduction to Sac B Catering Service



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