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Sac B. Catering Food Choices

For your guidance:    ♥-Great Review    ♥*-Best Seller and Great Review   ♥♥- Personal Favorite



Nachos w/ Salsa and Cheese Dip l ♥*Ham and Cucumber Sandwiches l Chicken Canapé l Crostini l Chicken Croquettes and Cheese l Vegetable Sticks with Ranch Dressing l Chicken Sandwich l Bacon Corn Muffin l Mini Shanghai Cocktails l Garlic Bread w/ Pesto and Roasted Tomatoes


Special Appetizers additional  P10.00/head for upgrade or  P50.00/head for additional order

♥Hawaiian Kabobs  l   ♥♥Stuffed Eggs  l  Fish Fingers  l  Mini Clubhouse Sandwiches l Tasty Chicken Sliders l Kalamari and Onion Rings w/ TID l Bacon Asparagus Wraps  l Mini Pancake Stacks w/ Bacon



*Cream of Mushroom Soup  l Cream of Asparagus  l Crab and Corn Soup l Chicken Noodle Soup l♥♥Cream of Corn  l  Molo Soup  l  ♥Pumpkin Soup  l  Chicken Sotanghon Soup l  Japanese Miso Soup l Vegetable Clear Soup  l Egg Drop Soup


Special Soups : Additional P10.00/hd for Upgrade

Lentil Soup  l  St. Germaine Portage  l   Hot and Sour Soup  l  ♥French Onion Soup Nido Soup  l  Seafood Chowder  l  Bouillabaisse  l   Hototay


Meat Dishes



♥*Honey Roasted Chicken  l  ♥Chicken Imperial  l  ♥101 Garlic Oven Baked Chicken ♥*Baked Herbed Chicken Infused w/ Rosemary, Thyme, and Marjoram Chicken Provencale  l  ♥*Chicken Cordon Blue w/ Bechamel Sauce l Chicken Normandy  Chicken Cacciatore l Chicken Marengo  l  Chicken Roulade l Chicken  Hamonado  l  Chicken Galantina  l  Chicken Relyeno l  Chicken Pesto Tenders l ♥♥Buffalo Chicken w/ Ranch Dressing  l  Fried Chicken with Gravy l Korean Fried Chicken

♥Chicken Pastel  l  Chicken Inasal l Baked Chicken in Barbeque Sauce l Chinese Lemon Chicken  l  Chicken Morcon  l   Tamarind Chicken Stew w/ Lemon grass l Crunchy Orang Chicken w/ Black Sesame



Fish Variations:  Creamdory  

Blue Marlin/Tuna/Tanigue +85 

Salmon +90 

Lapu-lapu +130*

(*prices are subject to change due to season and availability)


♥*Fish Fillet w/ Tartar Sauce  l  ♥♥Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet  l Steamed Fish in Cream Sauce ♥*Baked Fish in Beurr Blanc Sauce topped w/ Cheese  l   ♥Fish Creole Stir fried Fish w/  Tausi and Oyster Sauce  l  Fish Croquettes w/ Garlic Mayo l Breaded Fish with Aioli Dip or Honey Mustard  l  Chinese Style Baked Fish with Scallions

Pan Seared Lemon and Dill Fish with Pesto and Cheese l  Grilled Fish with Whiskey BBQ Sauce l Fish Florentine  l  Crusted Fish w/ Mango and Basil Sauce l Calamares w/ Garlic Mayo Dip


Special- Seafood Price quoted is for upgrades

Seafood Mariette  (+30.00/head) l ♥*Shrimps Tempura (+80.00/head) l  Prawn Creole (+100.00/head)

Prawn Thermidore(+ 80.00/head)  l  Shrimps in Beurr Blanc Sauce (+ 80.00/head) l Steamed Prawns (Additional 80.00/head) l  Camaron Rebosado (additional 80.00/head) l Crabmeat Fuyong (additional 50.00/head)  l   Bouillabaisse (additional 40.00/head)

♥*Rellenong Bangus (additional 15.00/hd)  l   Rellenong Pusit (additional 30.00/hd)


♥*Texan-Style Barbeque Oven Rasted Pork l   Grilled Marinated Pork in Whiskey BBQ Sauce  l   Italian Tomato Based Stuffed Pork Rolls  l  Crunchy Pork Stuffed w/ Onion and Mushrooms l Braised Pork Oriental w/ Golden Mushrooms  l   Braised Pork Neapolitan (Fruits) l  Pork Teriyaki  l  ♥*Oven Roast Pork w/ Caramelized Apples l Pork Cutlets w/ Orange Sauce 

Pork Hamonado  I   Pork Morcon l  Pork Asado  l   Pork Shanghai Rolls with Sweet Chili Sauce  l   Sweet and Sour Pork l  Dinuguan  l  Sinigang Na Baboy  l  Menudo l Dinakdakan  l   Sisig   l   Bicol Express  I  Embutido   l   Pork Tonkatsu  l   Lauyang Taytay  l   Taytay’s Barutak l Lechon Macaw w/ Red Sauce (Upgrade P15.00/head)  l Sac B. Inihaw na Liempo (+ 15.00/hd) 

l  Pata Tim (+40.00/head) l  Carving Station + 150/head- Lechon Belly with Lechon Sauce, Tomato & Onion, Vinegar Dip



♥*Roast Beef with Cream of Mushroom  l  ♥Beef Pot Roast ala Espaniol l ♥Beef Caldereta (Filipino or Spanish)  l  Slow Roasted Beef with Gravy l Beef Mechado  l  Beef Salpicao  l  Sinigang na Baka  l  Beef Stroganoff l Salisbury Steak w/ Gravy  l  Callos  l Oxtail, Tripe,& Brisket Kare-Kare l Beef Tapa  l   Beef with Broccoli Flowers  l Beef Steak Tagalog  l  Beef Morcon  l   Beef Misono  l   Beef Teriyaki l Meatloaf Cheeseburger  l   Beef Burgundy  l  Braised Beef w/ Three Kinds of Mushrooms

♥♥Pastel de Lengua (upgradeP40.00/head) l  Estofado Lengua(upgrade P40.00/head)

Carving Station + 200/head- Herbed Crusted Roasted Chuck&Brisket with Gravy: Red wine and Mushroom



♥♥Buttered Mixed Vegetables l Curried Vegetables l Winter Veggies (Vegetables in white sauce) ♥Buttered Vegetables French Style (drizzled w/ white wine)  l Mashed Potato w/ Gravy  l   ♥Mixed Vegetable with Quail Eggs l Chopsuey  l  ♥* Eggplant Parmigiana  l  Pinakbet l Lumpiang Hubad  l  ♥*Tofu Steak w/ Scallions and Sweet Soy  l Lumpiang Ubod

♥*Vegetable Tempura with Teriyaki Sauce  l  Buttered Beans, Carrots and Corn l Garden Salad w/ choice of Asian, Thousand Island and Ceasar Dressings(upgrd 20.00/hd, add-on 50/hd)


Pasta Dishes

♥*Beefy Lasagna  l  Vegetable Lasagna  l  Baked Ziti  l  Baked Macaroni  l  Alforno Mexican l Pasta Negra  l    Spaghetti Aglio olio w/ Bacon  l   Sweet Spaghetti  l  Pasta Romana l Grilled Chicken Tenders and Spaghetti Pesto l Linguine or Penne Pastas or Fusili in Bolognese OR  Carbonara l Marinara l ♥♥Aglio olio Tuna w/ Black Olives (must try the spicy version) l Penne Pasta Aglio Olio with Sundried Tomatoes, Bell Peppers, Italian Sausage and Black Olives l Mexican Pasta  l  Pancit Canton  l   Bihon Guisado  I  Stanghon Guisado  I  Palabok


Salad + 60/head

Ceasar’s Salad  l  Garden Salad  l  Coleslaw  l  Macaroni Salad  l  Russian Salad l Chicken Potato Salad  l  Waldorf Salad

Ala Carte Fresh Vegetable Salad Bar  +P60.00/head

3 types of lettuce, tomato, onion, carrots, cucumber, celery, pineapple, raisins, cheese cubes, bacon bits, with Thousand Island Dressing, Ceasar’s Dressings, French Dressing



Steamed Jasmine Rice  l  Parsley Rice  l  Rice Pilaf +P20/head Shanghai Fried Rice+ P20/head

Paella: Rice upgrade to Paella Additional P70.00/head or separate order P90.00/head



Buko Pandan Salad l Mango and Peach Cream Coolers l Almond Lychee l Minatamis na Saba w/ Sago Pearls l Turon w/ Mango l Cathedral Windows (Assorted Jellos in Cream and Condensed Milk) l Ginataang Halo-Halo l Tropical Fruit Salad l Fruit Salad l Buco Lychee l Fresh Fruits in Season l Assorted Kakanin l Maja Blanca l Panna Cota- Fresh Fruits, Cappuccino, Chocolate l Mango Bars l Brownies l Butterscotch Bars l Red Velvet w/ Cream Cheese Frosting l Black Forest Cake l Lemon Butter Cake l Cinnamon Rollettes l Ensaymadas l Chocolate Fudge Cake l Carrot Cake w/ Cream Cheese Frosting l  Banana Cake w/ Butter Cream Frosting l Cupcakes



Cucumber Lemonade l Pink Lychee l  Lemon Ice Tea l Lychee Tea l  Blue Lemonade l  Red Tea l  Fresh Lemongrass Tea  l  Butterflypea and Lemon Tea l Softdrinks l  Gulaman at Sago

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